About this group

We are the neighbourhood organisation for Trumpington, in south Cambridge

This includes Trumpington Ward of Cambridge City and the South Cambridge parish of South Cambridgeshire District Council

We will help to coordinate local initiatives and be a point for information

The Network is a volunteer-led, grass-roots organisation for everyone in our neighbourhood during this COVID-19 crisis period, one of many that have started up recently to help.

The core of this network is:

New volunteers are welcome – please contact us.

Where we are working?

Our focus is on activities in Trumpington Ward in Cambridge and the SCDS area shown on this map, and we will work closely with other groups across Cambridge and Cambridgeshire where this is helpful.

Trumpington Map

Who is behind the network?

We have a steering group and several volunteers who lead on or support this Network:

  • Katie Thornburrow – Labour ward councillor for Cambridge City Council
  • Barbara Ashwood – Liberal Democrat councillor for Cambridgeshire County Council
  • Andy Blackhurst – Trumpington Residents Association
  • Philippa Slatter – Honorary Councillor
  • Tech team including Josh Thomas, Diego Magrini

Who will we work with?

  • The Network is politically neutral, and we will work with any local politicians for the benefit of the area
  • The Network is represented on the City and County Councils COVID-19 crisis coordination team by Katie Thornburrow and Barbara Ashwood
  • We are building stronger links with all faith-based groups in the area and meeting with other community groups
  • We are working closely with the City Council community officers and other departments
  • We are working with other organisations like Cambridge Sustainable Food who are coordinating the Food Poverty Alliance here in Cambridge

Together, we can make a difference, and help everyone come through this difficult time.