Emergency Food Provision

Cambridge Sustainable Food is coordinating emergency food provision efforts in the city through the Cambridge Food Poverty Alliance. The Alliance represents 25 organisations working on poverty alleviation in the city, including the City Council that are working together to ensure that vulnerable people are fed during the Covid-19 crisis. 

They are providing a signposting service for people in need of food to a variety of local projects and organisations. If you know someone who is struggling to afford food, please refer them to their phone line 01223 967426 or online form, and they will help them to find the right support. 

They have also established community food hubs around the city where people at risk of food poverty can access food for free. Please find a list of community food hub locations and opening hours here. This is a live document with more hubs opening soon, so please check back for updates,

The Trumpington hub has been operating since May 5.

They accept food donations from local businesses and growers to support the community food hubs. Some allotments in the city are growing extra this year to help with supporting the hubs. If you know an organisation with surplus food to spare, or you can encourage your local allotments to grow extra, please refer them to this form or ask them to contact them directly to donate. 

And if you have any ideas about food and resilience in your communities during Covid-19, or opportunities for the future, they would love to hear them!