How can I get help?

We are here to coordinate local initiatives and be a point for information, and not to duplicate the many efforts that are taking place locally.

If you use WhatsApp then there are a number of local mutual aid groups, listed here, or you can join the join the Trumpington Mutual Aid WhatsApp group and ask for a local contact.

Organisations offering help include:

For those not online

Trumpington Supply Lines is a telephone helpline to provide advice to residents who may be struggling to get essential supplies (food, prescription medicines) during the Covid-19 restrictions. The helpline is aimed particularly at those who may have trouble using the internet, or are struggling to get online delivery so please share it with them.

The helpline is open from 12 Midday to 4pm Monday-Friday, and can be reached on 01223 66 22 91

Ask for help

You can get help from the Trumpington Volunteer Service by filling in the form on this website, (if your request is on behalf of someone else, please use this form instead) so that your request can be passed on, or you can contact them direct by phoning or texting 07769 210795 or by emailing the co-ordinator and marking your email TVS Request.