Important changes to City Council support

CCC are putting in place revised arrangements to create a sustainable and resilient approach going forward. As of Monday 13 July the City Council will be disbanding the Community Resilience Hub and integrating its support for residents who need help because of COVID-19 into the Customer Services Centre.

This will mean that all residents experiencing COVID issues (e.g. needing help while they isolate, or who are experiencing financial hardship) need to contact 01223 459780 to speak to a member of the customer services team, or complete an online help request form here

Summary of the new arrangements

The email address will no longer be monitored and from Monday 13th July, and will have an autoreply messages redirecting people to customers services as follows:


The 01223 458780 phone no. will become the main customer services centre for COVID-19 enquiries.

Please promote and pass this number on to residents who need help or support.