Residents’ Associations and Community Groups

Trumpington is a vibrant and supportive community and there are many local groups that are offering additional help and support during the current situation

Area Organisation Contact Email Telephone
Accordia area ACRA Robert and Hilary Lowson (Joint Secretaries) 01223 359860
Brooklands Avenue area: BAARA Lydia Lebus, Secretary., also Ron Clifton, at  
Kaleidoscope area   Alison Hornsbury  
Trumpington Residents Association: TRA Andy Blackhurst, chair  
Trumpington Meadows Delivery and Action GroupTMDAGPaul Colbert,
Trumpington Meadows Communities:   Laurence Fischer, chair.  
North Newtown:   Katie Maynard  
Hanover Court and Princess Court:   Diana Minns, chair 07756 490072
Bateman Residents’ Association:   Carmen Nassé  
Station area: CB1 Sam Kenward, Community Engagement and Project Coordinator.  

There are also:

Empty Common Allotment Society

Gazeley Lane Residents’ Association

Brookside Residents Association

Norwich Street Residents’ Association

Southacre Latham Road and Chaucer Road RA (SOLACHRA)

Newtown Residents’ Association

Applecourt Residents’ Association

Fenners Lawn Residents’ Association

BENERA (Bentley and Newton Road Residents’ Association)