Trumpington Community Fridge

Community Fridges in Cambridge

Currently there are four Community Fridges in Cambridge and they complement what is already happening elsewhere. It is an initiative that is supported by Cambridge City Council through the work with the Food Poverty Alliance and Cambridge Sustainable Food (CSF). These organisations are providing guidance and support for our proposed local Fridge.

The idea

Local Fridges work on a micro-level to react to needs of those in need of food.  They work within food safety guidelines. The Fridge decides opening hours and if it will just distribute food or allow for food collection. It is not means tested and people will self-identify their own needs.

Getting Food Donations

Some will come through CSF and FoodShare which distributes supermarket and business donated food that has reached the sell by date, but not the use by date. Other sources can be individual donations, local shops, local groups and allotments.

Where And When

Trumpington Pavilion, King George V Playing, Field, Paget Road, Trumpington                                         Cambridge CB2 9JF

Opening times: Fridays, 12 noon – 2pm

Main Contacts

Katie Thornburrow at

Claude Grewal-Sultze at

Please contact us if you can join in to make a success of our local Trumpington Community Fridge!!