Trumpington Volunteer Service

The Trumpington Volunteer Service (TVS) covers the Trumpington Ward of Cambridge City council, plus the South Trumpington parish of South Cambridgeshire District Council.

It offers a ‘safety net’ service for non-emergency services getting help to people who do not have family, friends or neighbours nearby who they feel they can ask for help and is particularly useful for people who cannot use or have difficulty using smartphones or the internet.

Volunteers are recruited locally through local RAs, churches, and the website and are supported with protective equipment and advice on how to avoid spreading the coronavirus when they are out and about running errands.

They offer the following support:


Help with shopping.


A prescription delivery service, which is triggered by a request from the pharmacist to the TVS. You just need to contact your pharmacist and ask them to get in touch with the TVS and they will tell them when the prescription is ready to collect.


They have set up a dog-walking service which works on a ‘buddy system’ between individual volunteers and dog owners. They provide protective equipment and our volunteers follow Govt/RSPCA guidance.

You can get help from the Trumpington Volunteer Service by filling in the form on this website, (if your request is on behalf of someone else, please use this form instead) so that your request can be passed on, or you can contact them direct by phoning or texting 07769 210795 or by emailing the co-ordinator and marking your email TVS Request.